Mystic Messenger Epoxy Key Chain Charms

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Dda-leu-leung, dda-leu-leung... Ah, you picked up. Have you eaten yet...? I just wanted to call and tell you that if you get this cute reversible Mystic Messenger charm of me, we'll never have to be apart 
Keep these Mystic Messengers close to your heart:
  • 707
  • Saeran / Ray
  • V
  • Zen
  • Yoosung
  • Jumin
  • Jaehee
  • Vanderwood
  • MC

    Each charm is about 2 in (6cm) long.
    They each have a keyring with a swivel that makes viewing both sides easy.
    This accessory is durable, with artwork fully encased within clear acrylic.

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